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Better Days Ahead in the North Bay and California!

Jul 10, 2020  , , , , ,

There is hope!  After this terrible pandemic-ridden stretch we are experiencing, it looks like we might find ourselves on the edge of better days. Some experts even believe real estate could very well lead the come-back we are all yearning for.

For starters, because so many people are sitting on a lot of equity, that can potentially give us the spending power we need when the “all clear signal” is given.  Even now, there are many homeowners dipping into that equity to stave off the “devil at the door”.

Confined to our homes we have had more time to imagine and dream of a better world and an easier life when we return to the new normal.  We are more tuned in to the possibilities of the future.  It is likely that this pandemic will give birth to new and efficient ways to conduct our real estate and mortgage lending businesses.

Some have already discovered a new era of strategic thinking about processes in the mortgage business.  Sun Pacific Mortgage has always conducted our business via phone and email, so things have not changed much for us.  We have a powerful software program that handles all our necessary files.  Loans can be applied for over the phone with documents emailed or faxed.  There has never been a reason for a borrower or lender to come to our office unless they choose that form of communication.

Real estate has always been a cyclical industry.  The difference this time is that while we may seem to be on a financial respirator, our fiscal health was so strong before this disaster hit us that we will be able to recover more quickly.  Tomorrow will offer us new opportunities to climb back up to our former state of economic fitness.

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