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Home Design Trends of 2021

Feb 26, 2021  , , , , ,

After months of being at home, many Californians are looking for a new distraction or a fresh start for this new year.  The perfect place to start might be our own home!

Real estate design experts were asked what they anticipated will be the biggest home trends in the coming year.  Here are a few of their inspirations for a “new look”:

  • Dedicated home offices:  Working from the kitchen table might have been a good stop gap measure initially, but now we are getting real and need a dedicated space to function at our best.  When a home does not have an extra room for an office, an ingenious work around for some is converting a closet into what has been dubbed, a “cloffice”.  With a little paint or wallpaper and some shelves, Voila!  Privacy and charm.
  • Houseplants and indoor gardens:  Starved of earth’s greenery due to the “stay-at-home” order, many have started bringing the outdoors in.  It looks like this trend is likely to stay.  Just be careful of your selections.  Know the light they each need and amount of watering you will need to do to keep them alive over the long haul.
  • Outdoor kitchens:  Fireplaces or fire pits, patios, or decks that allow year-round use, have become extremely popular.  Outdoor kitchens have been especially trendy.  Some homeowners may simply add a refrigerator to an existing backyard entertainment space, while others invest in all the appliances that spell out a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Bathroom innovations:  Who can forget the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020?  While some went so far as to install a bidet, the trend seems to be toward other hygienic appliances, such as touchless faucets, motion sensors for lighting and smart temperature control for bathroom floors.
  • Cozy, layered vibes:  Instead of stark white minimalism, expect to see more color and personality in 2021’s home décor.  People want to feel at ease in their own homes now more than ever.

Whatever refresh you decide on, know that you are not alone in wanting 2021 to be a better, fresh start for many aspects of your life.  And, with many other homeowners in this same boat, no matter if they live in the wine country of Sonoma and Napa counties or in the urban areas of San Francisco, San Mateo on down to Los Angeles, having a home to better enjoy as we enter into another year here in California, will go a long way to helping achieve this.

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