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Need to Make a Competitive Offer on Your Next Home?

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Now more than ever it is essential that your real estate offer stands out in the crowd of other offers inundating home sellers here in California.  The lack of inventory and the need for more space has encouraged a rush of buyers to the suburbs and more rural areas.

California Real Estate experts have offered these helpful tips to make your offer stand out in the crowd:

  • Listen to your real estate professional.  They will guide you based on facts and not your emotions and will keep you from compromising on your must-haves and future financial stability.
  • Understand your finances.  Knowing how much house you can afford is essential.  Get pre-approved for a loan early in the buying process.  This step shows sellers you are serious.
  • Make a fair offer.  Making an offer too low can lead sellers to doubt how serious you are as a buyer.  Trust your California Realtor who will have the knowledge of current home sales prices in the area.
  • Be a flexible negotiator.  Your position in a multiple offer situation can be strengthened by being flexible with your move-in dates, a higher price, or minimal conditions.

With multiple offers coming in quickly, California home sellers are looking for a clean and profitable offer.  Make yours a stand-out by following the tips offered above.

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