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Real Estate is an “Essential” Business

Apr 24, 2020  , , , ,

With strict regulations in place regarding self-distancing, what is to become of the real estate market? While California and North Bay real estate sales are now deemed an “essential” industry, it does not mean back to business as usual.  All realtors still need to follow health guidelines and each city and county can stipulate what that looks like for their community.

“Necessity is the Mother of inventions”, but with regard to the situation we face today in the midst of Covid-19, it could be rephrased to read:  “If necessity is the Mother of Invention, than adversity must surely be the Father of Re-invention.”  In keeping with this philosophy, realtors across California have devised old and new ways to stay in touch with their clients and pursue their business, maybe not in the usual way, but still successfully!

Among the ways realtors and clients have been able to communicate is through a virtual tour – “live feed” or just a recording with a link for viewing later.  With such a tool, a realtor can do a walk-through of a home they are listing OR a prospective home for sale for a Buyer. While “showing” the home, the realtor would comment on the features in each room that are noteworthy and could possibly be overlooked, e.g. high ceilings.  If a live feed, when the realtor has returned to his/her car, there could be discussion regarding the overall feeling for the property and any specific questions the client might have.

Among the other tools realtors can employ are the old standbys of email, text, phone calls and video calls.  Maybe when we are on the other end of this pandemic, we will find these tools to be valuable enough to keep and even more successful in marketing a home for sale.

Bottom line:  Stay calm and breath!  This won’t last forever, and our clients will appreciate all efforts you make on their behalf during this time of crisis.  More homes will still need to be bought and sold when we see the end of this.

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