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Selling Your House This Year?

Jan 29, 2021  , , , , , , ,

Selling your home comes with a bag of mixed emotions.  The sadness of saying goodbye to your old home could be at war with the joy you feel at the prospect of establishing new memories in an entirely different home.  The danger of letting your old home dictate your decisions when selling, can be deal breaking.

California homeowners should know what it takes to avoid costly mistakes when it’s time to move.  Of course, the best advice is connect up with a California Realtor but here are some pitfalls to consider:

  • Price Your Home Right:  When inventory is low, as it is right now in both northern and southern California, there is the misconception that buyers will pay anything you ask.  If you want to attract the greatest number of offers allowing you to choose the best, consider pricing your home just below what an appraisal will allow.  A bidding war is preferrable to a listing that sits for weeks with no action.
  • Keep You Emotions in Check:  Most homeowners today have lived in their homes longer than ever, so the attachment can run deep.  There is a need to separate the emotional value of the house from the fair market value.
  • Stage Your Home Properly:  While you may be comfortable with the décor in your home, it is important to look at it from the buyer’s perspective.  Stage and declutter so the prospective buyer can see themselves living there and not you.  A good real estate agent can help with this difficult chore.

The California housing market coming into this year has been nothing less than remarkable.  The current market conditions are truly making this winter an ideal time to make a move.  If you think you can not qualify for a new loan or find that you need a quick turn around on you loan application, give Sun Pacific Mortgage a call at 707-523-2099.  We have helped thousands of folks just like you to achieve their dreams by offering private money real estate loans to Californians for over 3 decades.

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