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How to Prepare for a “Bidding War”

Nov 20, 2020 (0) comment , , ,

With real estate selling for more than asking prices and 55% of homes in August resulting in a bidding war, it could be an urgent matter to confront before beginning your home search. All Brokers and Real Estate agents would agree that the number one step to take before embarking on any real estate adventure, […]

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Snapshot of Sonoma County Real Estate Quarter 3 – 2020

Nov 06, 2020 (0) comment , , , , , ,

Despite the pandemic, Sonoma County has experienced a robust real estate market throughout the 3rd quarter this year.  With few exceptions, every city in the North Bay counties has seen sales prices increase while inventory remains low.  Take a look at this healthy view of home sales in  North Bay areas: Median sales price:  $720,000 […]

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Are Urban Areas Losing Appeal During This Pandemic?

Oct 16, 2020 (0) comment , , , , , ,

According to a couple of new surveys out, this would appear to be the case. Americans in general, and Californians in particular, seem to be longing for the open spaces that cities cannot offer.  As a result, we are seeing an influx of buyers to the suburbs and more rural areas of our state.  In […]

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Be Prepared for the Bidding Wars

Oct 02, 2020 (0) comment , , , , , ,

Be Prepared for the Bidding Wars

Usually, in a presidential election year, one would expect to see a slow down in real estate market in both Northern & Sothern California.  But this is no usual year, and this is no normal real estate market.  Over the past several months, we have seen the eagerness of California buyers to scoop up homes […]

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Sonoma County Real Estate Market Trends from June

Sep 04, 2020 (0) comment , , , , , ,

  Even though we have been in “pandemic mode” from March through June, the real estate market has surprisingly shown little impact.  We are only slightly behind in sales compared to 2019.  Prices have climbed in most markets, maybe because of having only one month’s worth of inventory.  Some real estate agents in the County […]

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Now May Be the Right Time to Sell Your Home

Aug 21, 2020 (0) comment , , , , , , ,

In the real estate market, the scale is definitely tipped in the seller’s favor today, as it has been for a few years.  There are several reasons for this trend.  According to Sam Khater, Chief Economist at Freddie Mac, one of the major causes is lack of inventory: “Simply put, new housing supply is not […]

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San Francisco Peninsula Real Estate Market for June 2020

Jul 31, 2020 (0) comment , , , , , ,

The real estate market for the San Francisco Peninsula remained robust last month, despite the gloom and doom predictions of some soothsayers.  The following data for June illustrates the market strength of single-family properties in some of these Bay Area cities: Foster City: Average Days on the Market: 32 Average Sales Price:  $1,919,543 (increase of […]

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Better Days Ahead in the North Bay and California!

Jul 10, 2020 (0) comment , , , , ,

There is hope!  After this terrible pandemic-ridden stretch we are experiencing, it looks like we might find ourselves on the edge of better days. Some experts even believe real estate could very well lead the come-back we are all yearning for. For starters, because so many people are sitting on a lot of equity, that […]

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Real Estate Boom Has Shifted to Summer

Jun 26, 2020 (0) comment , , , ,

With the stay-at-home order gradually lifting, what was once the boom in real estate during the spring, is just now showing signs of life again as we enter summer. To quote Joel Kan, Economist at The Mortgage Bankers Association: “Applications for home purchases continue to recover from April’s sizable drop and have now increased for […]

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Housing Market Can Be A Powerful Tool in Economic Recovery

Jun 12, 2020 (0) comment , , , ,

Unlike 2008, this time rather than being one of the major contributing factors in the economic decline, the housing market will be one of the major contributors toward a faster recovery.  This is the opinion of many expert economists.  According to Mark Fleming, Chief Economist of First American: “Many still bear scars from the Great […]

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